Fishnets and heels



She was laying on the bed

When he walked in

She wore that wicked grin

And the fishnets with seams

And blue high heels

Sensual intentions

As he unbuttoned his shirt

She smiled slyly

And rolled onto her back

Knowing where he would start

He tossed his shirt on the chair

Pants soon to follow

And dropped to his knees

As she eased down the bed

Her pussy was swollen

Awaiting release

As he kissed all around it

She watched him with need

Until his mouth touched her lips

And she groaned in delight

And freed her aroma

As her flavor burst forth

Soaking her lips

And his

The probing of his tongue

As he snaked it inside her

Made her moans grew louder

As her head rolled back

His tongue found her clit

Protruding and hard

And flicked it intently

As her thighs closed around him

And he savored her nectar



Sweet nectar, and mangoes

She was nervous

And knew what was coming

And I was eager

Confident, and hungry

She opened the garage

And welcomed me into his study

In her clingy black dress

Her body so perfect

Held my hand and kissed me

And let me upstairs

She tried to peel a mango

But was preoccupied

So she kissed me again

Deeper this time

Needy, and wanting

And groped at my pants

I lifted her onto the counter

And kissed her some more

Then laid her back gently

And eased up her dress

It was the moment she dreaded

With great anticipation

As I leaned down to taste her

And she moaned with delight

My tongue snaked inside her

And savored her flavor

No mango was this juicy

Or ready to eat

I lapped at her nectar

And her button of pleasure

My nose rubbed her clit

As my tongue dove in deeper

And her head rolled with need

That needed to be met


She allowed me to feast

Until her patience was gone

And she rose and looked at me

With agony on her face

“I need you inside me”

Her counters were high

And perfect for me

As I eased down my pants

And filled her with love

She cried out in ecstacy

And pulled me inside

And writhed on my tool

As she gripped it inside her

Like I had plugged in my soul

“Can I cum?” she said finally

Impaled on me there

I had hardly said yes

When she erupted in spasm

Hands gripping her breasts

As her body lost control

And I reached for her hips

And steadied her there

And when her eyes locked on mine

She could see it was time

And I buried my soul

As deep as it would go

And filled her with love

She had never known before


Ego strokes

My friend Dawn doesn’t have a blog, but liked that I was writing poetry.

She wanted to try, and I think she rocked it.



He stands completely erect

Waiting less than patiently

Evidenced by the pulsing

Pink of his swollen head

She licks her lips slowly

Teasing his rigid stature

And she smiles coyly

As her tongue lands soft

Slick upon his hard shaft

Happy he jumps, needy

As his head disappears

Inside her mouth, lips tight

Hiding him from daylight

He finds the warmth inside

Delightful as he slides further

Reaching for the darkness

Her tongues caress

Enables him to glide so easily

She sucks and slurps

Getting to know him intimately

Until he’s good to go

And he spits his cum

So vigorously she chokes

And this is how

His ego gets stroked


“So, talk to me”

He listened to her message over and over, loving the playful way she spoke and how in his mind he could see her lips moving, and how they were always glistening and red. She hated her voice, and he loved it, and could never make her change her thinking.

“So, talk to me,” he heard her say one more time.

If only she knew, he thought, she would kill me, or at least doubt the very foundation our relationship had grown on. But being the no-threat gay friend wasn’t working any more, and as he saw her moving from one loser to another, he decided to finally spill the beans.

He didn’t want to be her shoulder to cry on. He wanted to be her solution.

When they met later in the park, he was going to tell her.

He was there first, as always, and grew nervous as he saw her parking her car. He had rehearsed this in his mind for hours, even days, and now all the words seemed to be lost. Hoping not to give anything away, he buried his face in the newspaper, pretending not to have seen her.
“Hey Loverboy,” she said enthusiastically, leaning down to kiss his cheek. He couldn’t help but notice her ample cleavage when she did this, and while he had always told her to put her boobs away and only share them with her man, she disagreed, and said if it was good enough for Sophia Loren, it was good enough for her. It made her feel sexy, and alive, and as a single woman now, those feelings really worked for her.
“Oh, I didn’t know you were here,” he said, turning his cheek to be kissed. “White Diamonds? You smell great.”
“Yeah, well you know,” she said, laughing. “Gotta play the part, right? So how are you?”
“Nervous,” he said, clutching his hands together and laughing uncomfortably.
“About what, babe?” she said, touching his arm. “Serge being moody again?”
Sergio was the new guy Ben had told her he was dating, but there was no Sergio, just as there had been no Eduardo and no Pete.
“Sylvia,” he blurted, almost interrupting her. “There is no Sergio, and I’m not gay. The charade worked when you were married because it made me no threat to Frank, but I have stood by as you have dated one guy not good enough for you after another, and I think you should ditch Buck or whatever his name is and go out with me. I’m sorry it has taken me so long to be honest but I love you too much to not say it now!”
He turned to look at her, not sure what he would see, and felt her hands reaching for his face, pulling him close as her mouth pressed against his. She nibbled on his lower lip tenderly, then sent her tongue darting inside. Her kiss became ravenous and lusty, her breathing strong and hungry. She licked his lips, and the inside of his mouth, smiling and looking in his eyes, and as their tongues made love there on the park bench, her hand reached into his lap, pressing against the erection that was quickly rising, and she gripped it like she owned it, which was her intention.
“I should be so mad at you,” she said between kisses, “letting me date all those losers when all I wanted was you.” She was talking and moving with urgency, and as she unzipped his pants, allowing his hardness to spring free, she climbed into his lap and pressed her cleavage into him.
Ben was speechless. Perhaps he was still nervous, or just stunned, but he said nothing and watched with wonder as Sylvia urgently worked to change their relationship. She seemed not to care about her pressed pencil skirt getting wrinkled as she straddled him there on the bench.
The park was empty, it seemed, or at least the back corner where they always met was, but it was still  broad daylight, and she clearly wasn’t concerned about that at all. “I have wanted this for a long time,” she said, reaching down to guide his big dick into her sopping, bald pussy. She squealed with delight as she impaled herself on him. “I have dreamed of you filling me, and fucking me, and making sweet love to me, Ben.”
With his dick pulsating inside her, she quickly transformed from a crazed lover to an elegant one, and when she leaned in to kiss him again, enjoying the feel of his length inside her, her kisses were like assurance that this was how it was meant to be. There was no sloppiness, no awkwardness. This time, they kissed like partners who had perfected the craft, and who could make love with just their tongues.
“You feel so good inside me,” she said between kisses, giggling. “And yes, I am fucking you in this park, and I don’t care who sees us.”
“I love you, Sylvia,” Ben said, easing his hands under her skirt and pulling her down onto him.
“I love you too, baby,” she said as she began slowly riding up and down.
Sylvia leaned forward, undoing another button and pressing her cleavage against his face. He took a deep breath, drinking in her scent of perfume and arousal, and let his tongue flick at her soft mounds. His hands reached further, grabbing the cheeks of her toned ass and he pulled her closer, and she moaned as his cock sunk deeper. She was riding him slowly, but anticipation seemed to have been on both their minds.
“Hold me,” she said suddenly, covering his mouth with hers. “I’m going to cum.”
He pulled her down onto himself, his cock sinking as deep as it could go, and kissed her to muffle her moans as her body jerked into the spasm of an intense orgasm.  “Oh F U C K,” she whimpered into his mouth, trying not to give their activity away as the waves of spasm wracked her body. A passing siren startled them both, and as she felt the last pulses of her orgasm, she felt him pulsating harder in the snug depth of her soul.
“I’m going to fill you,” he said, almost breathlessly. “I love you Sylvia.”
“Look at me,” she said in the most loving tone he had ever heard a woman use. “Look in my eyes as you fill me with your love. I want you to know, and to see, and to feel that you are looking at a woman who is yours, and whose dream you made come true. I love you so much.”
Ben’s body bucked and he pulled her closer, as though trying to drive himself through her, and she whispered a tender “yes” each time she felt him filling her with his  love. He was lost in the moment, unable to speak, and when he was finished, he looked in her eyes, and he cried.
“I will never hurt you, Sylvia,” he said, almost sobbing with joy. “You mean so much to me. I’m so glad my charade is over.”

What happened to your lips?


I love how your lips glisten

And then spread out in a smile

I love to watch them talk to me

I can listen a long while

I love the way they bounce
When laughter grips your soul
And I love the way they whisper
And the way they make me whole.
I loved the way they kissed me
And the way our tongues would dance
And I love how you would bite them
As my hand slipped in your pants
I loved how they’d let loose a sigh
And would ask me “Am I tight?”
And I loved the way I slept with them
On that solitary, magical night.
Remember when you laughed at me?
As your lips encased my shaft?
And you sucked to give me pleasure
And at my nervousness, you laughed?
We were in a freaking playground
Just a few doors from your home
And you loved that I was nervous
As you were lavishing my bone.
But your lips do nothing for me now
Because the smile, I know, is fake
And I never hear a word you say
About this road you choose to take
You may fool the masses daily
But my God, I know what’s true
And your lips are just impostors
That hide the hurting you.
Get them filled, again, with filler
To make then even on your face
And let them swell like fever
As you seek your pretty place
Expose your breasts like sentinels
Of the trophy that you are
Let your husband rent you limousines
To make people wonder who you are
Live the life you’ve opted for
The price for happiness was too steep
And the man who has abused you
Gets to rape you in your sleep
But know the truth, my dear, is lurking
As I’ve told you from the start
Not in the smile upon your face
But the one that scars your heart.

The Yard Man

My yard guy life was just as I wanted it – outside, and largely stress free. Too many years in an office and uncomfortable clothing made me really appreciate simplicity.

I arrived at one home that was among my gems – beautiful landscaping, thick grass, and major curb appeal. It had helped me get several other accounts in the area, and I always considered it a priority to keep it looking spectacular to passersby.

She was supposed to be at work, but after treating the front yard with pre-emergents and trimming a few renegade branches, I headed for the back yard and found her laying out, getting some sun in a low-cut black and white bathing suit. I saw her before she saw me, and that was a good thing. I watched in silence as she spent a bit too much time applying suntan oil, especially to her inner thighs. She almost seemed lost in thought as her finger dipped inside the narrow strip of spandex covering her sweetness, and when she suddenly she was fingering herself in public, and soaking wet, in a panic she looked around the yard, and saw me, stunned. The lightweight shorts I preferred on hot days did nothing to restrain my hardness.

“Oh, didn’t mean to startle you, Mrs. B,” I said. “Didn’t know you were home.”

When I blushed and walked closer, stepping oddly to try to allow my rigid dick to adjust in my shorts and be less obvious, she smiled like it was no big deal, a look that suggested maybe a hint of shame, but a bigger hint of mischief. Indeed, her mind was racing, in part clouded by how wet she was, and in part by my rugged look, and how quickly the large bulge had appeared.

“No worries, honey,” she said, turning toward me in in the lounge chair a way that inadvertently amplified her cleavage as she coyly bit her lower lip, a look I have comne to know as the universal sign of danger. “I hope what you saw didn’t offend you.”

“No ma’am, not at all,” I said, trying to avert my eyes but unable to as her hand eased down her bare leg.

“Kinda made it hard to concentrate on your bushes, though.”

I tried to chuckle my uneasiness away, but she was on a mission now.

“I don’t have a bush,” she said, smiling at me now in a way that told me she was having wild thoughts, and that they involved me. Her long fingers eased down and slipped inside that narrow fabric again, then eased it aside. “I shaved it this morning.”

“Oh my!” I said, finally catching on. “I think I should have a closer look.”

She smiled with a look of eager anticipation and delight, and when I dropped to my knees between her legs, she buried her finger inside her again, eyes locked on mine at this point, then eased one finger into her mouth before offering me the other.

“So delicious,” I said, bathing her finger with my tongue. “Mind if I help myself?”

Before she could say a word, my mouth eased between her legs, and I inhaled deeply, my nose first filling with the exotic aroma of the coconut-scented oil, and then with the sweet goodness of her sopping pussy, her wanton need. She moaned softly when my mouth covered her wetness, and louder when my tongue slipped gently through the folds of her swollen lips.

I looked up and she was watching me, need splashed all over her face, as her hands toyed with her breasts, still somewhat hidden by her bathing suit. The look on her face and her steady moans suggested I was hitting all the right spots, and as my tongue dove deeper inside her, I teased her clit with my nose, a move I had discovered gave great pleasure, and filled me with her heaven scent. She opened her legs wider and wiggled her body against my face, at times thrusting into me, and when I rewarded her need by easing my finger into her, she let out a loud gasp and a throaty “YES!”

Then she asked me to stop.

“I get loud, and have nosy neighbors. We need to go inside,” she said. “I’m going to need that big dick to fuck me.”

We were barely inside the door to the kitchen off the patio when she dropped to her knees, pulled my shorts down and smiled and licked her lips when my big cock sprang free, bobbing near her face like it knew exactly where it wanted to be.

“NICE!” she said, taking it in her hand and painting her lips with the droplet of precum already glistening from the tip. She licked up one side, wrapped her tongue around it, seemingly delighted that I was watching her every move. then covered my throbbing dick with her mouth, her lips closing around it, and looked up at me as her tongue swirled around my shaft.

“I’m going to have to stay home on yard days more often,” she said, smiling at me as her mouth hungrily devoured me. Releasing my throbbing stiff pipe from her hot mouth, she pushed it up against my body and took my balls in her mouth, sucking them one at a time. “Would you like that, Mr. Yard Man? It looks like you need to empty these.”

“I do,” I said, reaching down and lifting her to her feet and kissing her. Our mouths danced together like longtime partners, and I could taste the sweetness of my precum on her lips as my hands roamed her body, then pulled her against me. My hardness poked at her like a virgin teenager’s might as we kissed, and she let out a sensual giggle, like her plan was working

I led her to the kitchen counter, and lifted her onto it. Peeling down her bathing suit, I leaned in and covered one of her nipples in my mouth, feeling it harden quickly. I then took the other and felt it rise too, before removing her bathing suit the rest of the way, exposing again that neatly trimmed sweetness, the lips now full and swollen, glistening with her oozing honey.

Laying her back on the counter, I took her legs in my hands, spread them widely and devoured her pussy again. It was soaking wet, swollen and delicious and it soaked my goatee with her juices. I would have relished eating her until she had an orgasm, but as her body writhed on the granite, she wanted more and was hardly ashamed to share her wanton desires.

“Fuck me, please,” she moaned.

Rising, I teased her clit with the head of my cock, and she moaned in anticipation.

“Please fuck me, baby,” she whispermoaned, sounding almost desperate. “I need that big cock inside me.”

Our eyes locked as I positioned my dick against the lips of her slit, and slowly eased it in, not stopping until it was buried. Her wetness gripped it tightly, pulling it deeper, and when she moaned as I began to ease it out, the room filled with her aroma.

“Fuck, that’s good,” she said as I plunged it back inside her, shifting my hips with each thrust so I hit different spots deep within her. My hands reached for her tits; which looked amazing and full even with her laying down, and she loved having her nipples tweaked. She grabbed my hand and pulled it to her mouth, sucking my fingers as hungrily as she had sucked my cock, and her pussy massaged me. I pumped by dick into her at a steady pace, watching it disappear in the grip of her tight lips.

“Give it to me,” she said breathlessly. “Fuck me, baby. Make me cum all over your gorgeous cock.”

I reached for her hips and her held in place as I began ramming her more forcefully, my heavy balls slapping her ass with each thrust. Her noises ceased to make words as I impaled myself deeper and deeper inside her, her release approaching quickly.

“That’s it! That’s it! Fuck me baby. Fuck my pussy until I cum.” she almost screamed.

I increased my pace, rising on my toes to pound her as deep as I could go, and she was lost, dancing on the edge of orgasm until she let out a long moan, one that got louder and louder, her head rolling on the counter. “Oh fuuuuuck!” she screamed, her body lurching into an uncontrolled spasm as she soaked my cock with her honey. I held onto her, my cock fully buried.

Her release was my cue, too, and when she seemed finished, I pulled my cock out, bent down and devoured her sweet cunt one more time, and she eased off the counter onto her knees in front of me, tasting herself as she engulfed my glistening dick.

“Give it to me, baby! Let me taste you,” she said, looking up at me again before closing her mouth around me and sensing that I was pulsating and ready. She greedily worked her mouth up and down my cock, intent on milking her reward from me. She took my cock in her hand and began stroking me while sucking furiously as though my eruption was a tonic to all that ailed her.

“That’s it, baby,” she said, stroking my cock, her mouth wide open. “Cum for me. Let me taste you.”

I groaned loudly and steadied myself on my feet, reaching for the counter as my legs grew weak and I erupted, the first blast splashing against her cheek before she engulfed me again, making sure the rest of my load filled her hungry mouth.

When she had drained every drop from me with her mouth, she looked up at me and swallowed, then took her hand and wiped the first blast from her cheeks, delighting as I watched he rubbing it all over her delicious breasts and still-hard nipples.

I lifted her to her feet again, and surprised her by kissing her, my tongue dancing in her mouth again and enjoying the sweet blend of her nectar and mine on her soft lips

“So, Mr. Yard Man,” she said, again that coy grin as she wrapped her soft hand around my still-raging cock. “I guess you like what I’ve done with my bush?”